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#1 Tue, 08/21/2007 - 00:52

catch all email account

catch all email account for a domain... Although not commonly used i do occasionally find the need to download all emails in a domain with one account. To my knowledge this isn't available.. correct me if i'm wrong.

Sun, 04/06/2008 - 14:49
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This is a really old thread, but I just noticed it had never been answered and someone pointed out that it is the first Google result for "Virtualmin catchall", so it's worth covering.

There are two common meanings of the phrase "catchall email". The one you've described (where one address receives all mail for a domain, while the mail is also delivered to the intended recipient) is performed via the recipient_bcc_maps feature in Postfix. This is not automatically configurable in Virtualmin, as far as I know (though the sender_bcc_maps feature, which sends all outgoing mail to a particular address, is).

The other, far more common, meaning is a catchall alias, which receives all mail for a domain that the mail server doesn't already have a destination for. e.g. mail that comes in for "", when there is no "bob" account in the virtual server.

You can already create catchall aliases (since 2.mumble of Virtualmin, actually, so it's been there for several years, but it is still a common question).

Click "Edit Mail Aliases"

Click "Add an alias to this domain"

Set "Name" to "All mailboxes"

Fill in the delivery settings as usual (a local mailbox, usually).

Save it.

Note that a catchall is asking for a large, and growing, volume of spam. A non-existent account that doesn't bounce immediately becomes "verified" by many spam sending MTAs, and so SpamAssassin and Clam will work significantly harder on a system with catchall addresses. We don't really recommend it.


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Tue, 05/28/2013 - 00:58

Hi, I realize this thread is 5 years old, however I want to create a variation on the catch all email account.

I am using a Return Address with a variable code embedded.

So I want to set up a catch-all which only catches incoming email that begin with: "M1" up to "M99999"

( must be capital M and must start with M then numbers)

To for example these would be caught and re-directed:,

But these will be rejected: ,,

Can I set up this in VirtualMin - or can I do it by editing the POSTFIX server files directly ?



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