Cleaner Configuration Files for sub-servers

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#1 Wed, 08/01/2007 - 23:52

Cleaner Configuration Files for sub-servers

hello there, i am looking around here on my server more in Apache and Bind and i see that when a sub-server is created a new DNS Zone is also created along with a new VirtualHost file, this is on everything even if the sub-server is a sub-domain of the parent server, now this is just an idea but what if you guys were to have sub-servers attach into the parent server configuration files?

Thu, 08/02/2007 - 06:25
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We used to have a special case of sub-server creation called a "sub-domain", which behaved the way you describe (as well as dumping the docroot into the public_html of the parent). A lot of cPanel users asked for this feature...but after a couple of years of it, it became pretty apparent that is was a really bad idea. It confused the hell out of everyone that wasn't coming from cPanel (while recovering cPanel users make up a reasonably big portion of our users, it isn't a majority), and it's really just a limited sub-set of sub-servers with confusing file layout. ;-)

Anyway, this feature does still exist, it's just disabled by default. I'm not particularly recommending you re-enable it (I find it confusing and rather unclean, but some folks did ask for it, so some folks do like it). It's in the Module Configuration somewhere (I'm traveling at the moment with limited connectivity, so I can't be more specific...I'll try to remember to come back to this when I get back into the office).

I believe you can also allow sub-servers to be created within the BIND zone of parents when they are a subdomain name. Probably an option in the Server Templates for sub-servers.


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