OS X Server + VirtualMin + Apache 2 + Errors!!

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#1 Mon, 07/23/2007 - 20:04

OS X Server + VirtualMin + Apache 2 + Errors!!


I am using an XServe RAID with Webmin, Usermin, & Virtualmin to attempt and configure everything to work together.

I am trying to allow virtualmin to utilize the server templates of the Apache website configurations. Currently whenever I create a new virtual host it creates although it tries to connect to http://www.USERNAME/ and nothing else.

I have a real IP and can access this IP on it's own, although cannot access any of the virtual hosts that I create from this. Thus I need it to create http://IP/username/ although this is not the case with my settings . . .

Please advise what settings I need to setup in the VirtualMin configurations to make this work. I have tried all of the various variables that I can pass for ServerName & ServerAlias, etc.

I don't know if the document roots need to match for both the Apache2 configuration as well as the one in the VirtualMin configuration although they are currently different.

Please advise ASAP. I really need to get this server setup SOON.