virtualmin is using apache 1.3 syntax

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#1 Tue, 07/17/2007 - 08:42

virtualmin is using apache 1.3 syntax

Hi all,

Using Virtualmin Pro and Debian 4 etch

When i add a new server it is doing User "#1008" Group "#1008"

but it should be doing SuexecUserGroup

so how do I tell it that it is apache2 not apache?

BTW I have tried to specify 'apache2' in the 'Detect Apache Version' to no effect.

Tue, 07/17/2007 - 08:50
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Sounds exactly like you've got Webmin installed from somewhere other than or (maybe an old Debian package). The Debian official Webmin deb was simply never worked right. The tries to remove old versions, but maybe something went wrong, or you have some apt sources configured that claim a newer version than ours. Not sure. Or maybe a tarball install?

If it's not a production system, we could just drop back to zero and try the install again--making sure that Webmin is uninstalled and won't be installed from some untrustworthy source.

Actually, though, it wouldn't be just trying to use Apache 1.3 syntax in that would be trying to use Apache 1.3 everything. Anyway, something is broken in the /etc/webmin/apache/config, and the simple way to fix just that would be to copy /usr/share/webmin/apache/config-debian-linux-3.1-* to /etc/webmin/apache/config and restart Webmin. That'll probably straighten this particular issue out...but if we started with an odd Webmin installed, I wouldn't trust it.


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Wed, 07/18/2007 - 02:48

thanks for the tip. I was pretty sure that it didn't have webmin preinstalled, but uninstalling and re-installing virtualmin worked.

BTW the '/bin/sh -uninstall' didn't work. I had to do 'apt-get remove webmin'

I've got another issue. let me know if i should start another thread.

I notice that mail filters set by usermin do not work.

Originally I tried to setup an autoreply but even moving an email to another folder doesn't work.

I originally thought it might be to do with the username@domain syntax, but even when i changed to domain-username it fails.

I can see the .procmailrc and the 'autoreply.0.txt' be created. Any suggestions?

Filtering via Virtualmin seems to work.

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