Problems with virtualmin on virtuozzo CentOS

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#1 Thu, 06/21/2007 - 16:42

Problems with virtualmin on virtuozzo CentOS


I have the following virtuozzo configuration: 8000 CPU Cycles, 384 MB RAM + 128 MB FlexRAM, 10 GB HD

and running CentOS Linux 4.4, Webmin 1.350, Virtualmin 3.42

The problem I have is that after a few minutes of using virtualmin/webmin the web-interface (port 10000) is dead.

When I look at the system resources of virtuozzo I see that I have a black X and that my privvmpages are very high. what I guess is that the memory consumption gets to high and that the system cuts of the memory and that virtualmin can't handle this and dies (it's understandable).

The configuration is as follows: ID Current Use Soft Limit Hard Limit Units Description
privvmpages 61,765 131,072 131,072 4KB pages Memory allocation limit

Is there any way to run virtualmin differently so that it doesn't use that much memory. I already only use the minimum (no ftp, no dns, no pop/imap, no antivirus). What is the most memory efficient way of running apache? (there are 3 different options fcgi and other two; I can't look them up now since the webinterface dies all the time).

Any pointers would be very appreciated.

Best regards Ivan

Thu, 06/21/2007 - 17:05
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Hey Ivan,

There have been a couple of threads about low memory environments here in the forums.

Here's probably the most useful one:

Regarding Apache, running PHP scripts via either CGI or FCGId is probably preferred to mod_php for memory usage. Just be sure to actually remove mod_php from the Apache configuration so it isn't loaded anyway. CGI is probably slightly smaller than FCGId (just be sure to also remove mod_fcgid from your Apache).

I will also point out that Virtuozzo has a known problem with memory allocation--even when memory usage is well below the "allocated" amount, memory allocations will seemingly randomly fail. It may have some relation to number of virtual private servers and their allocations. I dunno. But I've yet to see a Virtuozzo instance that actually delivered the amount of memory it claimed.


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Fri, 06/22/2007 - 02:34 (Reply to #2)

Hi Joe

Thanks for the reply.
I changed now all virtual servers so that they use mod_cgi (was mod_fcgi before). now none of the websites are working. I have joomla (from the install script) installed and now I get the error:

This site is temporarily unavailable.
Please contact your System Administrator.
The database adapter is not available

Do I have to configure something differently so that the "database adapter" is working.

I use php5 and MySQL. Do I have to install some extra php packages?

Best regards

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