Undo Feature

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#1 Wed, 05/23/2007 - 21:08

Undo Feature

I have had instances where something causes the Virtualmin task to crash while setting up a virtual server. As a result all prior changes that were made must be manually undone before going about configuring the virtual server again. I think that Virutalmin would benefit an from an undo feature during virtual server setup:

*When settings for a virtual server are saved, a log file is generated, keeping track of the changes Virtualmin makes to the system.

*Virtualmin checks for these log files when the index/home page is loaded/refreshed by a browser.

*If a log file is found one may be given the choice to undo any prior changes made or attempt to continue the virtual server save/config.

*Upon successful virtual server configuration, Virtualmin will erase the log generated during setup thus preventing the undo option from being displayed when the Virtualmin index/home is loaded/refreshed by the browser.