Accessing Vmin Sites via FTP

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#1 Sun, 05/13/2007 - 16:57

Accessing Vmin Sites via FTP

Hello people, I MUST be missing something very simple here...AGAIN. Had exactly the same problem before - but took a re-install to fix as I recall.

ONLY data re this problem i could find.... QUOTE Home directory This field can be used to choose a custom home directory for a mailbox user. For example, you may want his home to be under the public_html directory, so that he can easily create web files. However, in most cases it should just be set the Automatic. ENDQUOTE

Yes. That is wot I want. I've tried: 1. filling in "public_html" as above - no result - accesses root and allows no posting. 2. Tried "Add a Website User" and "Add a User".
3. Cannot find info on actual default options installed for this on adding new domain. 4. Who/how is granted full access to alter/add web files by default? ("AUTOMATIC") 5. Is public_html automatically created with a Vmin Server?

NB: Not a whinge! I'm also interested in helping Vmin dev here -
ANY help appreciated here as it is perhaps the most frustrating problem to date and has been repetitive over several re-installs. The auto setup of Vmin is a magic bit of code, but there is need for a non-techie User FAQ (more posted in GENERAL Qs - I'd like to help with them)