Menu item in Webmin > Servers missing for "BIND DNS Server".

I couldn't find menu option for BIND DNS Server under Webmin > Servers on a freshly installed CentOS 7.x dedicated server with Virtualmin setup script executed successfully, so I thought maybe BIND was not somehow installed by Virtualmin setup script and installed it manually via Webmin Configuration > Webmin Modules page. Unfortunately it didn't bring the menu item under the Webmin > Servers, so I tried just to append the "bind8/?xnavigation=1" in the browser's address bar and, viola, the BIND DNS Server configuration page was there intact.

So everything (including Bind) on the server is working just fine, except I can't figure out why I don't see the menu option for Bind under the Webmin > Servers. I made sure it is assigned to the Server's category on the webmin/edit_assignment.cgi?xnavigation=1 page. I'd appreciate any hints on how to resolve this issue.



Check if it appears under Webmin > Unused Modules. If BIND was installed after Webmin / Virtualmin, it may not have been detected yet.

If so, there is a "refresh modules" link on the left menu.

Interestingly, there is none of Unused Modules or Refresh Modules on this server. Probably because I've just created a Unix user and then replaced root in /etc/webmin/webmin.acl since has not been yet addressed.

Anyway, I've just typed the address https://server:10000/webmin/refresh_modules.cgi?xnavigation=1 in URL and finally the BIND DNS Server appeared under the Services menu.

Which addresses the initially reported issue, however there are new questions. Could you please try to answer each of them:

1) I've fresh-installed Virtualmin on a dedicated server today and again I see:

The BIND DNS server /usr/sbin/named could not be found on your system. Maybe it is not installed, or your is incorrect. The BIND package can be automatically installed by Host Manager. to have it downloaded and installed using YUM.

Why Virtualmin installation script could be failing setting up Bind.

2) Why the Unused Modules or Refresh Modules menus could be missing? Is root user is must for CentOS?

3) Is there CLI command to refresh modules?

Webmin does assume by default that the master admin user is called root or admin .. I assume you chose a different name?

You can force a refresh by deleting /var/webmin/module.infos.cache

Webmin does assume by default that the master admin user is called root or admin .. I assume you chose a different name?

That's a real bummer as for security reasons we wanted to assign custom admin names to each of our Virtualmin server. Any malicious party would try root and admin first, so why make their nasty job easier?! I believe the system should be re-designed to accept any custom username for the maser admin user.

You can grant permissions that would normally be for "root" or "admin" only by going to Webmin -> Webmin Users -> your-custom-admin-user -> Permissions for all modules.

You be surprised. Some VPS reset your password upon reboot. I have one vps which requires to set passwords x-lenght long, and it screws up all my nicely laid plans.. I ssh root@server and passwd all I want - upon reboot the root password is back to what I am forced to set in the VPS control panel.

While I was experimenting with CentOS I could add users to wheel all day long - none but root could log into Webmin.

You might want to make absolutely certain: is it the VPS, is it the OS, is it Webmin, or is it you?

Sometimes it is the Cloud OS the VPS vendor is using - issues you see have nothing to do with your Linux guest OS or with Webmin.

Just for future references: the problem with missing Bind is solved on issue #64974.