Bootup and Shutdown - Restart - No actions selected


Today after quite some time (5-6 months) i logged on my test server so i can apply new SSL certificate. While i was logged i was thinking to restart the server as it was continuously running for almost a year.

So i went to Webmin - Bootup and Shutdown - Restart and i got error page saying "No actions selected". Cant find anything in the log files and nothing better came from google. Actually there is a trace in log file (miniserv.error) but its a same message so no help here:
Error: No actions selected

Because a was only applying the updates i dont know when and what happened but it looks like a bug. Maybe during one of the updates something went wrong. The server works for what i can see and it can be rebooted via shell, but same function in Webmin doesnt work. Not sure if makes any difference but maybe is worth to mention - this Webmin installation predates 6.0.

If you need any other information let me know.



Did you check any actions on the list before clicking the Restart button?

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Submitted by Diabolico on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 12:27

No. I just press "Reboot System".

I tried to restart one more time over shell and now it works again, so not sure what happened. I made another check on log files but there is nothing.

It could be some update didnt "sit" well or something else? I went to see when exactly was last time i used the server and i was wrong, instead of 5-6 months its more likely to be 8-10 months and in all this time i was just updating the server w/o any restart. Maybe something happened during this time or it was some update what was waiting for the server to be rebooted. Right now i'm not sure nor i can precisely pinpoint what happened and when.

I will try to see if any future update brings this error to surface again. In mean time you can close this topic and i can easily make another one (if this happens again).

P.S. I'm not excluding that this could be another "quirk" from FF.

Ok, let us know if you can re-produce this..