Accessing Websites from behind server. TLDR IN BOTTOM

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Accessing Websites from behind server. TLDR IN BOTTOM

I posted a while back about setting up my centos 7 server as my router. I've gotten it working, however i'm running into a few issues. The router function works perfectly first and foremost.

Topology for server: Server IP (From att router): eno1: eno2: wls1:

I have separate networks for wired/wireless machines for security. Allows me to tell if someone is connect to my wifi without my knowing (neighborhood leech)

Here's my issue. My website i can connect to instantly from outside my network. However, connecting from inside (10.128.0.x) it hangs. I get an initial load, but after a page or 2, it cant connect anymore.

Same issue when connecting to, my email, my cloud server (Next Cloud).

I went so far as to add the domain to the hosts file ( Restarted the DNS server, but no affect.

Services running: hostapd - wireless client (broadcasting) dnsmasq - does exactly what you're thinking BIND DNS - Built into virtualmin, runs virtual servers

I can talk out, with no issues of any kind. However, trying to stay INSIDE my network, I have issues. Ideas?

TLDR: WAN Works fine, LAN connection to server/services fails; mail, cloud (nextcloud), webserver, etc) hostapd (wireless boradcast), dnsmasq (for ip assignment), BIND DNS (virtual servers). Standard Centos 7 (Latest) and Virtualmin install.

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 20:15

No one has any idea?

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