Cron jobs as a Virtualmin Server User?

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#1 Fri, 11/02/2018 - 12:31

Cron jobs as a Virtualmin Server User?


I am trying to find out what steps or settings I have missed to be able as a Virtualmin server user to set-up and modify cron Jobs.

I have checked the options in:

  • Webmin, System, Scheduled Cron Jobs, selected Control user access to cron jobs, Allow all users.
  • Virtualmin, Administration Options, Edit Owner limits, no cron jobs option under Allowed capabilities and features for cron jobs.
  • Virtualmin, System Settings, Server Templates, default settings, Administrators Webmin Modules, Scheduled Cron Jobs (user's Cron Jobs) YES is ticked. I am not sure giving there Allow all users is good either [ can someone confirm this please? ]
  • Virtualmin, Virtualmin configuration, no setting for cron jobs.
  • Usermin, cron job settings, but when I login in Usermin, only email options available and GnuPG encryption, no cron jobs.

I do know how to add a cron job as Webmin user in Webmin, System, Scheduled Cron Jobs and Execute cron job as user [selected]

How to configure the cron jobs as a Virtualmin user?