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#1 Mon, 04/16/2007 - 01:44

Openvpn and Me

i run an openvpn shop online, i sell packages to folks so they can securely get on the net. i have 3 fc4 servers running openvpn, shorewall and webmin (one of them now runs virtualmin pro).

I just want to know if the following is possible, perhaps a a link in the right direction. i just got the virtualmin pro, so trying to learn it and i am a newb on linux and webmin doesnt help since its so freakin easy!

i want to do this with virtualmin cause it seems like it might be easy to setup.

i want to offer my customers a secure email service and a secure file storage service. i want to only allow access to these services (send email, check email, get files, upload files) to people who are currently connected to my vpn service and deny if not on the service.

would it be possible to do that with the email servers that virtualmin auto sets up? not sure what file storage tech to go with, ftp seems slow, even slower on vpn, but whatever i gotta use i will use. anyone seen any docs on how to set up something like this?

Mon, 04/16/2007 - 02:07
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Hey David,

Are they VPN'ed into your local network? If so, just firewall non-local addresses for those services. Problem solved. If that's not what you're doing, then I'm not'll depend on what exactly you are doing--you may have to have a script follow the VPN log and setup firewall rules appropriately in realtim...hopefully, this is not the case, as it's definitely a clunky solution.


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Mon, 04/16/2007 - 05:09

Thanks, thats good. pretty much this is a vpn server, my other servers are vpn servers, i was going to build tunnels from the other 2 to this one and then i guess only allow those 3 sets of IPs have access to anything. the mailserver though, doesnt it need access to accept incoming mail? never messed with a nonexchange email

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