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#1 Thu, 04/05/2007 - 00:14

missing command-line scripts

I have the Virtualmin GPL 3.38 and I cannot find many of the command-line scripts referenced in the documentation. For example: list-users.pl, delete-user.pl, modify-user.pl. Is this intentional? Are these scripts only available in Virtualmin Pro?

Thu, 04/05/2007 - 02:03
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Howdy Dave,

Yes, only a few of the API functions are available in GPL. This is, in fact, intentional. Our policy on what's a "Professional" feature is "is it primarily useful for folks who make money with Virtualmin". We made an exception for the create, delete, and list functions for domains, because some of the billing system developers liked the idea of being able to target both GPL and Professional (and we like any idea that makes development partners happy--I can see how they'd want to address the thousands of GPL users in addition to the hundreds of Professional users, though we're still trying to convince ourselves that it's good for our bottom line, too!).

Anyway, you may have noticed that a lot of Professional-only features have found their way into GPL over the past year and a half, as dramatically cooler stuff has come into Professional. We just like to keep some clear value differences. The API will probably open up more for GPL as time goes by.


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