1&1 Dedicated Server, systemd, and init.d

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#1 Thu, 08/09/2018 - 11:07

1&1 Dedicated Server, systemd, and init.d

Just an FYI...

I recently got a new Dedicated Server from 1&1 (not affiliated, just a customer)... was a great price and awesome specs. It had 32 gig of ram, quad-core cpu at 3.8 ghz, and hardware RAID mirror with two 2 TB hdds. It was a Debian 9 minimal setup for just $99/month.

The most interesting things were:

  • the hdd partitions were small, root was 4 gig ext3 /dev/sda1, /usr was a 5 gig ext4 lvm, /var was a 5 gig ext4 lvm, /home was a 5 gig ext4 lvm, so I had to manually extend each lvm partition manually, never had any server provider do that before
  • I wish they had just put a 4 gig /boot on /dev/sda1 and left the rest as root lvm
  • the IP address configuration in /etc/network/interfaces was configured as DHCP, normally servers have a static configuration
  • included a serial console
  • the Debian 9 implementation of systemd included all /etc/init.d functionality which I found very friendly, you can still reboot the Apache server using /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Overall I like the server, seems fast, works well, helpful and friendly tech support, good online docs.

Does anyone know of a better deal???