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#1 Mon, 04/02/2007 - 16:16

Demo site down again

I just went to the demo site and got a Perl Exec error. the error is as follows: Undefined subroutine &main::get_virtualmin_user_level called at /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server-theme/right.cgi line 12.

Mon, 04/02/2007 - 16:51
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Howdy Bill,

Thanks for the heads up. Folks like to poke around to see if they really have "root" on the demo system. I've restarted it with a fresh image. Should last until someone wants to break it again. ;-)

I have noticed that the demo server is really slow these days. I'll have to figure out some sort of solution to's gotta be a virtual server, since folks like to break things, but making it into a xen server instead of qemu would probably make it faster. I'll look into it.


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Tue, 05/15/2007 - 08:49

Can you limit access to the demo? Or just have a preview copy that does nothing? Otherwise Virtualmin will need a department just for fixing the demo script daily :P. Another option is to have it automatically reloaded every hour.

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