...we may even drop support for Fedora

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#1 Sun, 04/01/2007 - 18:11

...we may even drop support for Fedora

Hi Joe,

Did see this in "Customer Issues" ticket #406

"3/29/2007 Commented by Joe Cooper ....Going forward, we may even drop support for Fedora (though it is still my favorite desktop distro). Its life cycle just isn't long enough for server use."

Should I still stick with Fedora Core 6 on our new server or should I reinstall with CentOS???

Regards, Leif

Sun, 04/01/2007 - 19:14
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Hey Leif,

It'll be "going forward". All currently supported systems will continue to be supported. We'll never retro-actively drop support for an OS.

And, Fedora Core 7 will also be supported (though we will be a bit more forward about recommending other systems). So it'll be at least two years before you need to worry about being unsupported.

At this point, Fedora Core 6 is still the nicest OS for Virtualmin...but for new installs I'd recommend an OS that has a longer life cycle.


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