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#1 Sat, 03/31/2007 - 10:26

Temporary URL Name

I have clients that want to have their Hosting prepared on my Server even tough they have not registered their Domain with a Registrar yet.

Does VM Pro support generating 'temporary Domainnames' as long as the own Domain is not definitely registred?

i.e A Client is about to register Domain xyz123.com in about 1 Week. Meanwhile he would like to already play around a bit with the VM Backend end eventually already set up a database.

Lets assume my Servername is hosting.mydomain.com. So, I would like to give the client the possibility of giving him out a temporary url where he can start working with i.e. xyz123.hosting.mydomain.com. A feature that for example Confixx supports.

Does VM already and have I missed something or would this be a nice feature?

Thanks for your answers!

Wed, 05/09/2007 - 15:07

Check #30 in VM FAQ, just came across it today in reading, ironically.

Another way, which I believe is the best option (saving the best for last!) and most closely matches what you're currently used to without the security implications, is the Automatically create alias domain option (found in every Server Template, though to keep it simple you can just edit the Default template). Just select the radio button beside "Create under" and fill in the domain under which you'd like all of your customer domains to appear.

This option will cause Virtualmin to create a subdomain under your domain for every new domain you create--this will be immediately accessible with a name like "newdomain.mydomain.tld". Easy to remember for the user (because it's their domain name, plus the name of the company they're hosting with), and it isn't a path-based automatic thing, so non-virtual host home directories won't be potentially exposed in any way, as with the Automatic virtual hosts method above (as used by Ensim, cPanel, and others, I reckon). If you need public access to sites, this is the method you really want. Note that this method also does not break SuExec, as the automatic hosts option does, so CGI scripts (and PHP once we get FastCGI+SuExec working) will run as the user that owns the domain...this is safer.

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 01:25

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