Cannot Create Virtual Server after Virtualmin Package Updates.

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#1 Fri, 07/27/2018 - 09:14

Cannot Create Virtual Server after Virtualmin Package Updates.

My linux skills are rather limited, so I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Some time ago, I setup my webserver by running on Ubuntu Server 16.04. This installed Webmin 1.881, Virtualmin 6.03 and Usermin 1.741. Until today, this has all worked fine.

However, this morning the dashboard showed that there were 5 updates to Virtualmin packages available. They were: dovecot-imapd 2.2.22-1ubuntu2.8 dovecot-pop3d 2.2.22-1ubuntu2.8 postgresql 9.5+173ubuntu0.2 postgresql-client 9.5+173ubuntu0.2 webmin 1.890

After installing them by clicking the Install All Updates Now button, I can no longer create a virtual server.

The first time I tried, I got the error message: Failed to create virtual server : Mailman cannot be enabled unless the administration list mailman has been created. I then noticed that there was an additional feature in the Enabled features list called Allow Mainman mailing lists. I unchecked this option, and tried again.

After unchecking this option (I don't use it anyway) I tried again, and this time I got the error: Failed to create virtual server : New virtual server has no IP address! Perhaps Virtualmin could not work out the system's default IP. I then noticed that in the IP address and forwarding part, it was set to Shared, on IP, but it did not show the servers default IP address.

Is there a way to work around this, or if not, is there a way to revert the updates? Preferably without messing-up the virtual servers that are currently running.

Kind regards, Bert