Customer Management of Users

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#1 Thu, 03/29/2007 - 10:28

Customer Management of Users


I've been looking into allowing customers to manage various users... my interest has largely been in FTP and Database users, but perhaps at some point additional shell users.

I've run into a few snags, I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts on these --

  • So far as I can tell, there isn't actually a way to add just a database user. If a customer has 2 databases, they might want to add a little security by having 2 database users, each only with rights to the one database. It appears like this might be possible by creating an FTP user, but I'd like to be able to add database users without adding additional system users.

  • I'd like to my customers to be able to add additional FTP users, but not shell users. However, it seems that in order to be able to manage FTP users, you need to grant the customer "Can Manage User" privileges, which gives them the ability to add FTP or Shell users. Is there a way to separate the functionality of adding FTP and Shell users (as well as database users)?

  • It seems like most things can be limited; disk space, bandwidth, virtual servers, mysql databases, but I don't see a place to limit how many Shell and FTP users a customer could create. It'd be nice to be able to offer N FTP users for free, but after that it costs $X. As well as making sure no one goes crazy adding users ;-)

Thanks! -Eric