Upgrade strangeness - pear and horde...

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#1 Fri, 03/23/2007 - 08:13

Upgrade strangeness - pear and horde...

CentOS 4.4 Server.

I was trying to make a demo environment for a client, and installed horde via install scripts.

Everything went just fine.

after having made a mess (user error), I deleted the demo environment, and left for a while (few days).

Decided that I needed to update the server, did a yum update... got a new version of virtualmin in the process (yay!).

Tried to make a new demo environment. Fine. Go to install scripts, "Failed to install script : module php-pear does not exist"


I go look, according to yum, it's installed. No biggie. I remove it. (And all the php dependancies). I reinstall it (and all the php dependancies). So far everything is fine, but I'll be darned but that error message is still there.

I've restarted apache...

I've even rebooted (that was fun... the new kernel doesn't like me, so I went back to the old one..)

Still no dice...

I'm running Virtualmin 3.37... what can I provide to help figure this out?

Wed, 03/28/2007 - 23:34

SImilar woes here on Ubuntu. I can't install Squirrelmail, or Horde. I've not tried anything else but I need those two on a couple of my client domains and I can't install them. Tapping foot until someone can help out.

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