FreeBSD and several issues

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#1 Thu, 03/15/2007 - 07:49

FreeBSD and several issues

I did search thru the forums for any FreeBSD specific issues but found nothing of relevance. Anyone else successfully using virtualmin GPL on a FreeBSD box? I've spent over 8hrs trying to get this setup and working properly and am about ready to can it.

Here are some specific issues we've encountered, in no certain order:

1) Disk quotas: Quotas are enabled and running just fine, yet virtualmin doesnt seem to recognize them on FreeBSD. From the virtualmin servers page I see this: "Disk quotas Not active on home directories filesystem". So I have it recheck the configuration and it doesnt say anything about the home partition, but instead complains about the /var partition: Quotas are not enabled on the filesystem /var which contains email files under /var/mail. Quota editing for email has been disabled. Yet no mention of the home partition during its recheck.

2) Virtualmin does not work with apache-ssl, only mod-ssl. Mod-ssl is notorious for breaking IE browsers and should be avoided at all costs. The defacto standard is apache-ssl in most any hosting houses we've found.

3) Cannot create virtual servers using a static or shared IP address. We simply get the infamous message: Failed to create virtual server : Virtual FTP cannot be enabled unless a virtual IP address is allocated. If I disable in the main config the creation of the FTP user, then it creates the domain just fine.

4) When it finally does create a new virtual server we then get this error: Adding new virtual website .. Apache website failed! : Failed to open /usr/home/testme/wwwlogs/access_log for writing : Bad file descriptor at ../ line 971. Its supposed to pickup the logfile directory we did in the template and create the directory.. but in fact does not.

5) Removing a virtual server does not remove all remnants of the domain in the apache config file. Yes I've checked the radio button in the config to completely remove it from the apache config.

6) Virtualmin does not allow you to add a virtual server with a different name than the domain. For example, if you add a domain called your unix username it creates is 'testmesilly' What if I want the username to be johnpublic?

As I progress i'll post more, but any help would be appreciated before we can even consider looking at the commercial product for our customers.

Thanks in advance.