Batch create Alias servers

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#1 Sat, 03/10/2007 - 05:24

Batch create Alias servers

Just like the Batch Create Servers functionality it would be really useful to be able to batch create Alias servers from a list of domains, rather than having to create them individually.

I sometimes get given long lists of aliases by clients, and this would make adding them much less painful

Fri, 05/04/2007 - 15:29

yes, this would be one of the biggest improvements to virtualmin that i can imagine.

i often need to manipulate many aliases and being able to simply modify a text file containing a whole list of aliases would literally save me hours of time every week.

how much work would it be to implement this feature?


Thu, 06/21/2007 - 03:44 (Reply to #2)


Thu, 06/21/2007 - 17:28
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Nice idea .. I will add support for this in Virtualmin 3.43, on the existing Batch Create Servers page. You will be able to create aliases with a batch file like :

Currently, it doesn't support that final parameter for specifying an alias domain..


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