provide SAVE-AS HTML action for the right-hand side "log" of the Webmin/Virtualmin user interface

I tend to do everything virtualmin from the browser-based https://server:10000 interface.

There are many times, but especially when a very long log/transcript tee's to the right-hand side of the Virtualmin interface, when i would like to save that transcript to a local text/html file.

Currently i copy-and-paste the log to a text file, but without the colors and formatting of the text there is much that is lost in the translation.

It could be very useful, if a "Save-As button" would allow me to save the right-hand side of things as simple formatted HTML file.

It's obvious that virtualmin is taking a 'tee' of the command-line operations and rendering it as HTML for display in the browser, so even if it is a pre-configured option, or slightly slows down the rendering of the transcript/log. The ability to save as a local (and not server-side) .HTML file that can be viewed with a browser at a later time, or emailed/attached for viewing by others, would be wonderful.

At the very least a "Select-All-Output" hotkey or button that would Select all of the relevant transcript log for copy-to-clipboard would be useful (without selecting the virtualmin menu-pane and other un-useful UI components).

Interestingly, when manually selected and then copy-pasted into a libreoffice writer document, the 'bold' attribute of the highlighted text from the transcript is copied/preserved in the .ODF (but the text color and background coloring information is lost). This is almost certainly the behavior of the browser's select-copy-formatted-information-to-clipboard, and not anything specific to virtualmin.

Even having a Virtualmin configuration option that when enabled would log every virtualmin operation that is performed to a date-time-stamped logfile somewhere on the server could be useful. Sure this could slow some things down and could take up a lot of space on the server (so perhaps only certain selectable 'actions' get logged), but it sure beats having the only record of a recent virtualmin operation 'disappear' because you refreshed a browser page or clicked on another operation without knowing that important information is about to be lost...



This feature does exist already - you can see every action that makes a change at Webmin -> Webmin Actions Log, including the output if there is any.