A seriously BIG thank you

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#1 Sun, 03/04/2007 - 14:59

A seriously BIG thank you

Hi Virtualmin Like somebody earlier, I've been playing with the GPL virmin (sorry!) for a while.

I use Ensim on one box but needed to move out. In a desparate attempt to not go the Ensim route again I just bought Virmin Pro for the new one.

Webmin is brilliant anyway, but coupled with VM its a simply awesome combo

Honestly, I was dreading the move - anywhere. But me and Virmin (sorry!) just imported 40 ex ensim domains to an fc6 box easily and without a single hitch. mail, users dbs etc etc. And it all seems to work!!!!

The ensim migration alone has just saved me much anticipated hassle and grief that even if I bin it now its paid for itself over already.

thank you. thank you. thank you. if only for the ensim inport - thank you.

boring bits... just a few glitches on an fc6 install:...

sed: -e expression #10, char 208: unterminated `s' command ** Message: sqlite cache needs updating, reading in metadata No Match for argument: rh-postgresql No Match for argument: rh-postgresql-server No Match for argument: php-domxl

the rh-postgres stuff I ignored.

but methinks the php-domxl is a typo

did I say thank you?