nginx stops running and disappears from serverstatus, webmin servers list, virtualmin features list

debian 9, webmin 1.881 , virtualmin 6.03 . php 7.2 fpm

I installed the virtualmin LEMP, minimal version.

I am preparing the server instaling other components, made a few apt autoremove commands and noticed that the nginx server had stopped. It disappeared from the webmin servers' list and also from the virtualmin > features and plugins list. I reinstalled it via webmin > System > Software Packages and it is running but it keeps not showing neither on webmin nor on virtualmin.

Any idea on how to debug this and / or solve?




Did you perhaps uninstall Nginx?

Hi. No. Actually I tried again everything from beginning and without any autoremove commands. Without any notice after a day working,nginx stopped again, went missing from webin / virtualmin and could not restart. for my project I am sticking to apache. It looked too unstable. But I kept the nginx server backup in the case I have the chance to revisit the issue. If you think there is something I can do to diagnose.... Best.

That's quite unusual. If you open the Nginx module at Webmin -> Servers -> Nginx Webserver, does it report any error message?

HI Jamie. Part of the problem is that the nginx webserver disappears from there. It also disappears the nginx website (and respective ssl) from Virtualmin's Features and PlugIns. Also noted that, in Features and Plugins it shows the possibility to use Apache website (even though my set up had been LEMP and not LAMP).

Check under the "Un-used modules" category to see if Nginx shows up there.

Hi. No. Nginx doesn't show there.

Does the directory /usr/share/webmin/virtualmin-nginx exist?

another info I just found ... I have a few backup versions so, I just tried an older one and I am quite convinced that behaviour happens after allowing the updates of linux-image-4.9.0-6-amd64 and another linux library These packages require a reboot and after reboot you loose nginx.

Hi Jamie,
Were you able to replicate this? Or might this be just some misconfiguration on my box?

It looks like Virtualmin's Nginx module was un-installed! Can you try running apt-get install webmin-virtualmin-nginx ?

it installed nginx.
I also updated webmin to 1.883 and virtualmin-config to 6.0.22

Nginx now shows in The webmin server's list and also in Virtualmin's Features and PlugIns tick list.
However, in Virtualmin's Features and PlugIn, it doesn't show any option for Nginx SSL. There is a SSL option but when I select it says it requires Apache (even though I did not install the apache version.

Try also running apt-get install webmin-virtualmin-nginx-ssl

It installs ssl server, yes.
But, did you replicate the nginx loss while upgrading the linux-image-4.9.0-6-amd64 ? Did you make patch for it?


No, I wasn't able to re-produce this.