SSL overview . help needed please!

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#1 Mon, 02/19/2007 - 20:23

SSL overview . help needed please!

Pretty new to all of this but getting there....I've searched the forums but can't find complete info I'm after.

I want to host one site with SSL and many others without. I believe I need an IP based virtual host. Does this mean a static external IP (I have only one)? And do I then need another external static IP for all other sites? If so, how do I have 2 static IP's?

When I create a new virtual server I am not able to tick the "SSL enabled website" option. Basically I'd like to know what I need to do for this option to be available.

Thanks (and excuse my ignorance!)

Tue, 02/20/2007 - 12:51
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Hey Jeremy,

Yes, you need an IP for each SSL website, and you need to be able to give each new SSL website an IP for the SSL option to be available.

That said, if you only need one SSL site, you can get away with only having one IP, and we probably ought to document the process for doing that better (and we probably ought to allow one to be created before enforcing the "needs an IP" rule).

I'll ask Jamie to chime in with his thoughts on whether we can safely add a bend in the rules for this special case.

In the meantime, you could add your virtual server without SSL, and then use the Webmin Apache module (in the Servers category) to create a new virtual server for SSL with everything matching the Virtualmin created domain, except the port information.

So, something like this in the "Create a New Virtual Server" form:

Handle connections to address: Specific address ..

Port: 443

Document Root: /home/domain/public_html

Server Name: domain.tld

Copy directives from: domain.tld

Where domain.tld is your domain name, and should be replaced with your actual server IP.

Save it, and apply changes. You may need to delete the "default" server on 443, if one exists.


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