Error messages won't go away.


i had this morning an error with harddisk full due to backup, so i deleted some old and told virtualmin to reduce backup scope by some days.

Now i have 84% used space but this errormessage:

Error! Warning! The 1007.68 GB filesystem mounted at / has no free disk space!

still persists. Even after logoff / login.

Same goes for a errormessage that certificate for specific domians expired. They have been renewed two weeks ago and will expire in June. ( Warning! SSL Certificate Warning

Some virtual servers' SSL certifcates have expired )

How to get rid of those error messages, which are no errors anymore?

And how do you calculate free space?

My root partition (/) has 84% usage, but webmin calculates 38% usage.

Thanks and best

PS: If i click on that 38% image in webmin status page, it gives me this: Disk space (1007.68 GB total / 159.06 GB free / 0 bytes granted) Files (67100672 total / 66923441 free / 0 granted)




Does it make any difference if you click the Refresh button in the lower-left corner of the screen?

No it didn't yesterday. When i logged in various times, it still complained. This morning the errors were gone.

Strange, huh?

Check at Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Background Status Collection how often system status is collected. It should be every 5 minutes.