Complete Webhosting Newbie

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#1 Sat, 12/16/2006 - 10:32

Complete Webhosting Newbie

I understand that running a server takes some work and reading of which I have done a lot of both. Please forgive me if I seem not to know what I'm doing (because I don't) I want to host 4 of my own personal websites for myself and family.

I had my ISP (Roadrunner) add 5 Public IP's to my internet service and moved the speed to 15mbps dn and 2mbps up

I purchased Virtualmin Pro and downloaded it the computer I am setting up as the host.

P4 3.2GHz 1024DDR 260Gig HDD with Fedora 5 loaded

I have purchased domain names from Dotster

In the Dotster admin section for managing my domains I opened up and it gave me an option to create a new nameserver. I created with 1 Public IP and with 2nd Public IP I then pointed all domains to /

My problem is in making those domains point to my server computer and am wondering if I set the ns1 and ns2 correct and then set the web server up correct.

Any help for a newbie would be great