Mails in /var/mail, move to /home/domain/homes/usrname/Maildir structure

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#1 Tue, 01/16/2018 - 06:59

Mails in /var/mail, move to /home/domain/homes/usrname/Maildir structure


On a new Webmin/Virtualmin Server mail is stored in /var/mail, but I am used to mails being in /home/domain/homes/usrname/Maildir

First Dovecot settings were set to look for mails in /home/domain/homes/usrname/Maildir, but no new mails got there, so I had to change settings to /var/main because I did not find out what to change for procmail so new mail is sent to /home/domain/homes/usrname/Maildir

As the server is already live I also have to move existing mails from /var/mail to /home/domain/homes/usrname/Maildir

So my questions are:

1) What to change in Postfix so new mails get to /home/domain/homes/usrname/Maildir ? 2) How to move mails for existing users from /var/mail to /home/domain/homes/usrname/Maildir ?


Wed, 01/17/2018 - 12:46
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What distribution are you running, what version are you running, and how did you install Virtualmin?

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