Will post-installation wizzard replace my MySQL version ?

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#1 Tue, 01/09/2018 - 05:35

Will post-installation wizzard replace my MySQL version ?

Hello !

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 with MySQL 5.5 installed. I need this specific version for a software.

I just installed Virtualmin and I am on the post-installation wizzard. If I check "use MySQL database", does it mean it will upgrade my current MySQL install, or upgrade it?

How can I do to use my current MySQL 5.5 version with Virtualmin ?

Do I have to cancel the wizzard, check "Use MySQL DB" or leave it unchecked ?


Tue, 01/09/2018 - 09:25
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No. The post-installation wizard does not install or change the packages you have installed. It only configures the packages currently installed (in fact, for services that are not installed, you won't see the wizard stages for that service; e.g. postgresql is no longer installed by default, and so most users never see the postgresql options in the wizard...it detects what is installed and behaves appropriately).

The installation has the following stages:

  1. Running install.sh. This figures out what OS you're running on, sets up a few minimum things, like making sure the system has a fully qualified domain name. It figures out what Virtualmin repositories to use, based on the OS and whether it's Pro or GPL. And, once all the basics are accounted for, it installs either metapackages (on Debian/Ubuntu) or yum groups, to cause installation of the necessary packages. This is when all software is installed...after this, no other stage of the installer will install packages or change what packages you have installed.
  2. install.sh, after installing packages, calls out to virtualmin-config. This configures all the services to work the way we think is reasonable for a virtual hosting system. It enables services, sets configuration options, turns on a firewall and configures it to open up the hosting-related ports, sets up fail2ban (not with --minimal), and tries to make everything work in a reasonable way. No software is installed by virtualmin-config.
  3. Post-installation wizard. This asks the user some questions about how they'll be using the system and what features they want to use. No software is installed by the wizard, it only does what you tell it to do.

So, you do not need to skip the wizard, and if you want to use MySQL with Virtualmin you do not want to leave it unchecked, as that would mean you couldn't use Virtualmin to manage your MySQL databases (you could just turn it on afterward though, in Features and Plugins).

The postinstallation wizard is mostly just a simplification of other configuration pages in Virtualmin.


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