Asking for a friend, :)) Where can we install Virtualmin on a hosted/cloud service?

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#1 Tue, 12/19/2017 - 12:53
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Asking for a friend, :)) Where can we install Virtualmin on a hosted/cloud service?

I'm trying to answer a friend who apparently wants to get into Virtualmin, but doesn't want the trouble of managing his own machinery for some reason. Could be unpredictable electricity delivery from the utilities, or lack of funds to buy personal machinery.

I never even tried to learn about this possible option because I want total control over my software and hardware.

Can he get space on Amazon, Google, etc and just run a virtual freshly installed supported OS? I'm guessing the answer is yes, so my follow up question is where should he go? It seems to be for educational reasons in Punjab that he wants this, so maybe low budget.

Tue, 12/19/2017 - 13:02
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Dozens of Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers exist around the world. Many are cheap and would make a great choice for your friend. Just search "VPS hosting" on Google.

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Tue, 12/19/2017 - 14:52
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Almost any VPS/VM provider will work, to one degree or another. We have users with servers at Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Scaleway (x86, not ARM as we don't yet have packages built for ARM servers, though we will eventually), OVH, RimuHosting, etc. Some even have guides for installing Virtualmin or images with Virtualmin already installed. And, we have users running on AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

There is one caveat for for the cloud providers (by "cloud provider" I mean folks like AWS and Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure), however: Most of them do not allow sending email directly from your instance. You have to configure it to relay through a service like SendGrid or whatever. This doesn't have a huge impact, but it does have some impact. If the desire is to learn all about the system, you probably want to be able to run all the services locally and use them fully. So, a less restrictive provider might be preferable. Many of the VPS/VM hosts are cheaper than the full-stack cloud offerings, as well (but have some tradeoffs if you're scaling up something huge).

We have some instances at several providers, and I like all the ones I've tried. They're all pretty fast, pretty reliable, pretty easy to setup, and Virtualmin runs pretty well on all of them (with a few additional config steps here and there often related to how they handle networking).


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Wed, 04/25/2018 - 07:33 (Reply to #3)
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The best way is to buy own server and install the purchased server somewhere in the house or somewhere in the office.

Sun, 01/14/2018 - 18:58

IF you just want an inexpensive shared environment OR a VPS there's always us - but there are plenty other places.

Tue, 01/16/2018 - 09:16
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I would suggest to avoid any google search attempt especially "(best) vps hosting" as you will get unimaginable amount of websites paid to promote some hosting company. To be even worst, like 99+% of them (no joking) are really bad hosting companies what will cost you not only the money but could put in danger your reputation, data and nerves.

If you want legit reviews of hosting companies go to WebHostingTalk and check the offer section. Once you made a list check all hosting companies from the list for their reputation (on the same forum). If there isnt any review check how old is their domain and if the WHOIS info is legit (google maps, etc.), or just make new topic and ask for opinion other forum members.

Dont fall for the cheap trap because few bucks per month is not worth all the trouble, especially today when VPS prices (monthly) are lover than pizza or pack of cigarettes.

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Wed, 01/24/2018 - 03:24

Almost any VPS/VM provider will work. A less restrictive provider might be preferable

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Fri, 02/02/2018 - 12:36
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Hetzner just started 5 offerings.

I am using and it is very fast, VM installs perfect .

Starting at 2.49 euro a month

Upgrade is seamless just a click if you need more power.

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Sat, 02/03/2018 - 06:40
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I agree with @Welshman. While Hetzner is good and cheap solution forget any help what could be classified as managed hosting, e.g. if you dont have hardware or network problems you are left alone to deal with the issue. Same goes for OVH. To not forget, in case of any hardware failure you must test your server and present them with a data showing what and where is the problem, or you could end with some extra expenses in case the problem isnt connected with hardware or network failure. So keep this in mind if you decide to pay for their services.

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Fri, 08/31/2018 - 03:32

spammers...damn assholes! (hehe)

Now back to the topic, In terms of the actual post...

I have virtualmin running on google cloud compute and microsoft azure.

I would recommend Google Cloud Compute over Azure simply because the entirer platform is a much simpler interface and far easier to understand what one is being billed for. For me Azure is difficult to figure out billing and consequently control budget on that platform at this time (perhaps with more practise on Azure i will figure it out)

Anyway, on google cloud simply setup one of the free trials. It allows for considerable testing and experimentation and basic vm's without draining the bank balance.

apart from ensuring that your hostname and network firewall settings are correct, virtualmin installs onto a debian instance straight out of the box. I currently run it on debian on google cloud.

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