Having problems with Webmin install

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#1 Mon, 10/16/2006 - 16:12

Having problems with Webmin install


I am trying to figure out how to troubleshoot my Webmin installation.

I am running FBSD 4.9, Webmin 1.280. and using Perl 5.8.8. During the install it looks like everything went fine. No errors. I can see the pid and checked, it is listed when I do a ps -auxwww |grep http command. I installed the Webmin so that it should be trying to use ssl. I checked on the ports and it shows that port 10001 is listening.

However, when I try to connect, I just get a gateway timeout.

I am just not sure where to begin to troubleshoot this. I kind of new to the Linux so, I am not familiar with all of the commands.

Can anyone give me some advice? I would appreciate it greatly!