About screen command on SSH

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#1 Wed, 11/08/2017 - 05:41

About screen command on SSH


I have some troubles on SSH (with putty).

I created virtual server "aerovirt" on virtualmin. So I can access SSH with user "aerovirt" in shell "/bin/bash".

I made a SH file for example "start_server.sh" for the user "aerovirt" : screen -A -m -d -S refreshserver /home/aerovirt/refresh_server

when I type "./start_server.sh" on putty, it doesn't work. I have no new screen with "screen -ls". With user "root", it works. But I prefer to execute sh without root.

If I change command to "screen -S refreshserver /home/aerovirt/refresh_server", it works. But I don't want to go to this new screen.

I tried to change shell to "/bin/sh", same problem.

How must I do? Regards,