Trying to repoint Apache to a subfolder, none of the obvious ways seem to do it

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#1 Wed, 10/04/2017 - 14:24

Trying to repoint Apache to a subfolder, none of the obvious ways seem to do it

Hello everyone!

I have a domain (we'll call it configured in Virtualmin. I configured it last year on the Virtualmin server and gave it content using one of the included templates. It isn't the most trendy looking website, but it got the job done.

This year, we wanted to modernize it. We got Virtualmin Pro and used the Wordpress install script. Ran the script, accepted the default /home/coolsite/public_html/wordpress folder path, and got to work making it pretty.

Fast forward to now, we've got the Wordpress site set up, ready to go live, it's just a matter of telling Apache to look in the ...../wordpress folder instead of public_html directly. Well, no matter how I attempt to do that, things get wonky...

I first tried copying everything from the wordpress folder into the parent folder, and that was a train wreck that required a data restore. I tried going to Virtualmin->>Server Configuration->Website Options and putting "public_html/wordpress" in the "Website documents sub-directory" line, and got an error.

I tried setting the first "Directory" option in Virtualmin->>Services->Path from "...public_html" to "....public_html/wordpress", and got a 403 forbidden. I configured the permissions to be 755 on the wordpress directory, owned by the Virtualmin user associated with the domain.

I tried adding an alias from "/" to "/wordpress", and I ended up with an infinite loop.

In conclusion, if there's a "correct" way to do this, it's not readily obvious, and I would appreciate whatever help is available. If I can provide further information, I'll be more than happy to assist.