After fixing LDAP Users and Groups, everyone locked out<p>Hi,</p>

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#1 Wed, 08/23/2006 - 10:03

After fixing LDAP Users and Groups, everyone locked out<p>Hi,</p>

<p>Hi,</p> <p>I would really appreciate if someone could help me out on this issue.</p> <p>The problem was that the users created in LDAP Users and Groups could not be fingered.</p> <p>So looking around, I found the fix for it and changed my nsswitch.conf file to this:</p> [pre]<p><em>passwd: files ldap<br />shadow: files ldap<br />group: files ldap</em></p><em>passwd: compat files ldap<br />group: compat files ldap

</em><p><em>passwd_compat: ldap<br />group_compat: ldap</em></p><em>hosts: files ldap dns<br />networks: files dns

</em><p><em>services: files<br />protocols: files<br />rpc: files<br />ethers: files<br />netmasks: files<br />netgroup: files<br />publickey: files</em></p><em>bootparams: files<br />automount: files nis<br />aliases: files ldap</em>[/pre] <p>This fixed the problem but created another, now when the system starts it takes a long time and when it shows me the login prompt, I cannot log in with either root or any other valid password. When I type in a login name and a password I keep getting a message saying login has timed out because it couldn't be completed in 60 seconds.</p> <p>To fix this problem I boot from the rescue disk and change the nsswitch.conf file to[/p>

[pre]<em>passwd: files ldap

shadow: files ldap

group: files ldap

passwd: compat files ldap group: compat files ldap passwd_compat: ldap group_compat: ldap

hosts: files ldap dns

networks: files dns

services: files

protocols: files

rpc: files

ethers: files

netmasks: files

netgroup: files

publickey: files

bootparams: files

automount: files nis

aliases: files ldap</em>[/pre]

<p> basically commented out the lines with compat which made the system boot fine and allow me to log in but LDAP Users and Groups module won't add users that could finger users anymore.

Thanks for any help. </p>