Unexpected behaviour virtualmin postfix confgs

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#1 Wed, 09/06/2017 - 07:37

Unexpected behaviour virtualmin postfix confgs

Installed as newbie virtualmin webmin.

Both latest versions with repo's for/from:

Remi, codeitguru, repel, csl, mariadb, virtualmin, webmin ,CENTOS 7.3.x

Httpd 2.4.27 , with open/modssl version 1.02k and HTTP2 codit PHP 5.6.31 fpm remi Then virtualmin Postfix / dovecot, CSF, phpmyadmin.

Hostname is vps.ourserver.xx ( none virtualserver for this sub/hostname) with virtualserver for domain ourserver.xx

Then probs with sasl authentification postfix and so on.

Therefore after lot of time and websearch where much to many different things to find, also to old confs...! Decided to yum remove postfix > yum install postfix Then recheck install virtualmin all OK

( postfix/dovecot managed to get them working on smtp port 25, ( so not yet 587 with sasl..) )

Then extra create virtuel server for extra domain in virtualmin, here error "Failed to create virtual server : No virtual domains file (virtual_alias_maps) was found in your Postfix configuration! "

Did that then in this order the recheck virtualmin gives errors that where not there before, (several times complete rebooted in meantimes after changes no errors)

""A problem was found with your Postfix virtual maps : No map sources were found in the Postfix configuration

Warning - any rules defined below will not be used : Procmail is not enabled in your Postfix configuration. The configuration file /etc/postfix/main.cf must have the mailbox_command option set to /bin/procmail.

The procmail command /bin/procmail has 100755 permissions, when it should be setuid and setgid to root. Email may not be properly delivered or checked for spam.""

So for me the unexpected part these erros with the recheck only vissible after trying create extra new virtualdomain. not before?

Also to mention here 2 package update virtualmin itself after 26-08-2017 are installed so could this be the cause?

I know i have to get the saslauth at 587 working but sofar other things are ok ( ssllabs a a or a+, http2 check ok php5.6.31 fpm with ioncube ok and so on)

I'm writing this because not expected and maybe helps someone else who didn't get the errors but still doesn't have the cf and config right, because the recheck didn't give a error message about that faulty!

i'm Dutch