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#1 Mon, 11/06/2006 - 17:30


Hello. i was wondering if there is a mailling list or anything that would notice us when the support of gentoo would be available. I know... you cannot define a timerange but i would like to be notified when there is a new release of some sort.

Thanks for your great help/support :)

Fri, 08/04/2006 - 04:31
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Hi Ioannis,

Gentoo is planned, though it is scheduled for after Debian/Ubuntu and FreeBSD support is completed--so it's at least a month or two away (and possibly more: I no longer try to make estimates for how long it will take to support a new OS, as it always takes at least three times as long as I expect it will). Slackware received more votes than Gentoo, as well, so it may have to come before Gentoo support even though I don't like the idea of working entirely without proper package management (though Jamie wrote a package manager module for Webmin to address just that problem to some degree). At least Gentoo has a package manager that handles dependency resolution and has nice command line tools, so I might bump it up above Slackware just because it will be faster and easier to support.

Hope this helps with your plans.


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Fri, 10/28/2016 - 23:09


so, gentoo was planned in 2006 ! can I assune 10 years later it is supported now ?

Fri, 11/04/2016 - 00:44 (Reply to #3)
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Well...Gentoo never rose above the fray, in terms of people actually wanting to use it (and equally importantly pay for it). I did spend some time on the problem, and introduced some code for Gentoo way back years ago, but the lack of volunteers to help with it and my concerns about the package management and the incredible complexity of predicting what a Gentoo system really looks like (e.g. a Gentoo system can use several different init systems, syslogs, among other things...because these are fundamental to what the system looks like to the installer and to Webmin, it proved really difficult to make an installer that actually worked).

So, in short: No Gentoo support at this time. If someone were to volunteer to work on the installer, I'd provide what guidance I could and would be happy to setup an unofficial package repo for it. But, I don't currently have anywhere near the time to tackle it myself; I'm swamped, as is, and if my previous attempts to support it are any indicator, it would be literally weeks of my time just to make it work. The install script is open source and in our github here: https://github.com/virtualmin/virtualmin-install

Some of the old Gentoo code is still in there, but it's many years old, so it definitely needs an update, and was never complete, So, don't expect to be able to make a couple of changes and run it...but if you're really familiar with Gentoo (I am not) you may be able to get it working with a few days worth of work. You'd need to help me with the Virtualmin packages, as well, though I think there are already official portage packages for Webmin and Virtualmin (there used to be, anyway), which gets us halfway there.


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