Redirects in Apache2

Hey there, what should the "Permanent URL redirects" in the apache plugin under "Aliases and Redirects" do? It don't work for me because of it create a "RedirectPermanent /" in the vhost. (redirect1.png) and no browser (just tor ;) ) follow this redirect.

Should't ist be a "redirect permanent" ?

So I changed it to "Redirect Permanent /" in the vhost and I see i see (redirect2.png) If Ichanged it to "Redirect permanent /" in the vhost and I see i see (redirect3.png) and if I saved that again (redirect3.png) in the vhost it is "Redirect 301 / ""

I'am confused! :)

"RedirectPermanent /" = no redirect "Redirect Permanent /"= works but looks bad "Redirect permanent /" = works "Redirect 301 / "" = works



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Submitted by Joe on Fri, 08/18/2017 - 06:16 Pro Licensee

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Yeah, that looks a little bug-like. I'm assigning to Jamie, as I don't think you're doing anything's just not working as intended, maybe due to changes in Apache.

This could be due to a change in the way Apache treats the RedirectPermanent directive.

Which exact Apache version are you running?

Apache version 2.4.10