system ramdom freeze

Hello there,

one of my host systems shutdowns randomly, could you help me diagnose it pls... i have to admit this is a proxmox host with webmin. I have to transfer this to cloudmin but havent yet found the time to do it.. meanwhile these freezes are causing me a headache. The host is running 2 KVMs on which virtualmin is installed.

See below after this message the system froze.. where could i look for further indications.. i am bit lost as to how to pinpoint

Aug 3 01:20:01 proxa systemd[13605]: Starting Shutdown. Aug 3 01:20:01 proxa systemd[13605]: Reached target Shutdown. Aug 3 01:20:01 proxa systemd[13605]: Starting Exit the Session... Aug 3 01:20:01 proxa systemd[13605]: Received SIGRTMIN+24 from PID 13627 (kill).



Howdy -- it's pretty unusual for a system to just shut down like that.

The typical causes for such a thing are hardware problems, resource issues, or kernel bugs.

The simplest thing you could try is just to ensure you're using the most recent kernel version.

You may also want to check your logs to see if you can find any references to errors... I'd look in /var/log/kern.log and /var/log/syslog, if you hadn't already, for additional errors.

Lastly, I suppose it's worth verifying that somehow Proxmox isn't issuing a reboot for some reason.

Yes apparently this was due to a old kernel running, after upgrading it has been a bit stable.. but i need to think about this in the coming days.. to plan to move towards a better solution, move my Proxmox images to cloudmin..