2 Servers Virtualmin or Cloudmin?

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2 Servers Virtualmin or Cloudmin?

Hi Guys,

I am a long time lover of webmin. Years ago, It was installed bundled with another product. It looked plain and cheap until I took deeper look. It grows on u fast and most of all, it minds its own freaking business. I am so glad Vmin has adopted a similar philosophy despite its pre-install warnings.

I ordered a Vmin lic yesterday and I was so anxious to try it, I just couldnt wait for a fresh Centos to reload. Kid in candy shop! I figured it would crash and burn but nope, with just u a few warning bells it made it thru, mind u this is on a server with a broken exim and a damaged vestacp uninstall which was on its way to a vps system reload/refresh. I easily corrected any issues by uninstall/reinstalling http,php,mail,mysql to my liking and its ticking as smooth as webmin. It didnt mind running other repos CLI installs of latest version of mysql and php70. for email and apache, I chose to stay at base releases.

I dont know why I expected anything less. before I installed Vmin, I ran the pile of garbage vestcp solely to manage mailbox users since I didnt want to make unix system email users in webmin and everything else I just did from CLI or webmin and at any given moment under the threat of vestacp refreshing config files or messing up the firewall or dns zones. It eventally broke exim beyond repair. So the main reason Im getting Vmin is to manage mailboxes, config files, etc and ditch vestcp all together.

I have 2 separate location servers, vps leased.
All websites are mine..

Server A has 4 websites/ips server B has 2 websites/ip (sandbox sort of)

The 2nd one is more of a sandbox junk server and thats where I have installed Vmin on it to try it out cause I couldnt wait for either server to refresh a clean OS. I didnt realize the license would lock to it on install. I originally intended on using the license for server A. No big deal.

The main reason I am writing here today is to get some suggestions on what I should order further or what should have I ordered from the start. Thats in order to enjoy both both separate servers using the "min family software only and able to manage email boxes on either server and how to save buying and extra lic..

currently, I have webmin on server A and Vmin on server B (both sep location vps servers)

I Have 3 Q

1st option to avoid getting another Vmin license for server A, should I get Vmin Gpl for it? -- But, I could have swore I read that vmin GPL couldnt manage 2 websites on 1 server or was it 2 separate physical servers?

2nd option would "have been" to stay free webmin on both then get cloudmin to oversee both panels? -- It just seemed a little overkill for a vps end user as myself and not sure if all the webmin features are on the cloud side or would I still need to use the local webmins? I kind like how webmin + Vmin are all together. Can I run everything from 1 cloud location and no panels installed on the servers for max security?

Final thought to note is whatever option I go with, please be aware that I am demoralized by running Postfix and Exim from command line. I have spent embarrassing amount of hours trying to troubleshoot an issue and im just not ready yet to go full CLI use for everything. Also, if I am able to get off without paying for another license, will support allow the License transfer to main server A? I am having trouble finding a ticket system. The ticket system I see appears to be for bug reporting.

Sorry for the long read friends, please advise. .

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 01:05
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Virtualmin GPL can manage unlimited websites on one server. So, sure, Virtualmin GPL is a good option if you don't want to buy another license. Pro has a few extra features (especially features targeted to folks who make money with Virtualmin, but also a lot more Install Scripts) and includes support, but GPL is, I believe, competitive with most products on the market including commercial ones.

Cloudmin is for managing virtual machines. It has almost zero overlap with the functionality of Virtualmin. If you want a web hosting control panel (and it sounds like that's exactly what you want), then Cloudmin is not that product. The is a feature of Cloudmin that people managing many Virtualmin installations often find useful called Cloudmin Services, which allows for managing databases, DNS, and spam/AV scanning on centralized servers rather than on every Virtualmin host. Webmin is also not a web hosting control panel, it is a general purpose systems management tool. Cloudmin and Virtualmin are built on top to add features targeted to their particular tasks (managing VMs in the case of Cloudmin, and managing websites in the case of Virtualmin).

You can transfer a license yourself, you don't even need to ask us. You'd just install the license on the server where you want it, and then downgrade the other server to Virtualmin GPL (there's docs for that, and pretty soon there will be a command that can do it automatically). The license does not lock to anything; you can move it freely. There may be a warning about multiple servers after you move it, but it'll clear on its own after a few days once the other server is no long running with the license.

Hope this helps!


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