Proper software to get

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#1 Thu, 07/20/2006 - 20:17

Proper software to get

Okay, I've spent money and not getting anywhere, so I need some serious help. None of the money has been with Virtualmin, so not to worry. Here's my story.

I have a Dedicated Red Hat Enterprise 4 system running at Godaddy.

They no longer support any Control Panels, and the only panel I'm somewhat knowledgeable on is Plesk, so I bought it at $200 for 30 domains I believe.

Now comes the fun.

I have 2 main problems, of which I'm open to help on either one.

I have to have MYSQL5 on my system, and would prefer PHP5 also. Plesk won't run under MYSQL5 yet. They say by end of August.. I don't know how to enter the commands to set up domains, ftp users, email users, etc on my system. I don't know webmin and I don't know Virualmin, so I'm not able to make an informed decision on what to do. I probably can't get my money back from Plesk, so I guess it's possible that if I use webmin, that I would want to switch to Plesk at some point. It's pretty straight forward, and I think I would like to use Acronis backup to create image backups of my system in case of hard drive crash, and they include that, however I honestly don't know what to do.

Second problem is that I believe I can install MYSQL5 on the system, but not sure where to get a PHP5 that will for sure work. Any help would be appreciated.

Help me, for I've fallen and can't get up..