Failed backup of Virtualmin because of another backup with same PID

A couple of days ago on July 2nd I started getting failed virtualmin backup notices. "A backup to the same destination is already running with PID 29556"

I have not changed anything re the schedule backups and these have been running perfectly fine for months. It seems as though the backups script is triggered to run twice and one fails but the other works.



How often are your scheduled backups configured to run? It may be that they take so long that the last backup is still going when the next one starts.

Hi Jamie

No that is not the issue at all as they are scheduled for once per day and takes around 1.5 hours to run. As I said until the other day these have been running perfectly ok.

When you get that message, check at Backup and Restore -> Running Backups to see what the other conflicting backup is.

It is the same schedule backup being triggered twice for some reason hence the same PID and it shows in the logs. And this didin't even start after any yum updates as I checked the history. If it happens again I'll delete and set up the schedules again as there are only 2 which are giving this issue at the moment I have another weekly one due to run in a couple of days.

I deleted the schedules and re-created them and they are ok. I also just noticed that the scheduled validation of virtual servers is also running twice at the same time.

Where are the records for the scheduled validation and scheduled backups stored ?

You can see the various backup schedules by going into Backup and Restore -> Scheduled Backups -- or on the filesystem in "/etc/webmin/virtual-server/backups".

Is there any chance you could post a screenshot of the "Scheduled Backups" screen, along with one of your Backup Logs screen?

As far as Scheduled Validation goes -- I hadn't heard of that before. Where is it that you're seeing that?

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andreychek thanks for the info.

Re: Scheduled Validation. it is in Virtualmin > Limits and Validation > Validate Virtual Servers Then the tab Scheduled Validation

Thanks! Do you also have a screenshot of the Scheduled Backups screen?

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Hi andreychek

Here you go I tried uploading it before but it didn't work for whatever reason. I have blocked out the domain names from the image that is all.