We have reached the limit of our license (100 servers) so I bought a new license in unlimited but I do not know how the activated and or enter the new license ...

Needs work


Checking serial XXXXXX and key XXXXX .. .. license is not valid : Failed to contact licence server : Download timed out

??? whats going on ?

The command has worked .. here is the message (the numbers have been changed) : virtualmin change-license --serial xxxxxxx --key xxxxxxxx --no-check Updating Virtualmin APT repository .. .. done

Updating Virtualmin license file .. .. done

Despite that in the manager the good license appears (N ° + key of the new one) but Limited to 100 !! ?? Then this is a new unlimited license .. ?? Can you watch us we need to work ...

Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

We're currently experiencing a problem with the site, which is where the Virtualmin license manager is located. We hope to have this resolved shortly!