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#1 Mon, 06/19/2006 - 11:09

AWStats Plugin question

I am testing out the AWStats plugin. I cannot seem to find a place to change the default data directory. Am I just missing it? I can go into each site's config and change it but I would rather have it set right when I enable it for a domain.

Mon, 06/19/2006 - 14:54
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Hey Chris,

The AWStats module starts with the model.conf file, and then substitutes a few options to suit the new domain. DirData is substituted with $HOME/stats, which should be the correct place for new domains. If you're getting incorrect values there, there's probably something wrong with your Virtualmin configuration, as it would mean that the domain home variable isn't correct during AWStats configuration. It could also be that you have an older version of the AWStats module with a bug that has since been fixed (I don't recall a bug relating to this directive ever existed...I'm just guessing there might have been one somewhere along the way leading to your current issues). You definitely shouldn't have to change anything per-domain to end up with a working configuration.

But perhaps you're after something different than what I'm talking about? If so, be specific about which "default data directory" you mean (I've guessed you mean the DirData directive).


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