Accepting Bids for Muti Server setup and Custom Modules

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Accepting Bids for Muti Server setup and Custom Modules

Hello I have a project in the works that I will be needing help with. I will be accepting Bids from anyone that can help whether it be for the entire scope of the project or individual parts of it.This project will consist of deploying multiple servers and also creating a couple of custom modules that can be used within virtualmin.

I have been using Virtualmin for many years and really love it for its overall end user simplicity. I work for a growing development company that builds and hosts many websites. We are in need of scaling our systems as our current setup is completely overwhelmed by all the websites and traffic on it. I have been put in charge of leading this project since I have the most server experience and ever since I've converted one of our Development servers into Virtualmin all of our designers like it much better than that other panel we are using.

There is many parts to this project and there is a bit of a tight time line but in reality if I can find the right person or team of people to help with this I feel it is very possible.

The over structure of this setup will involve multiple servers.

Development Server: Will be a basic LAMP Stack running in linode. As sites are built on test links they will reside on this server until client approval. Then be migrated to the production server.

Production Server: Here is where it gets a bit more fancy. We are looking for a multi server setup utilizing AWS. Currently our Thoughts are to divide the services between separate Web Server, SQL, and DNS, Mail. We want to utilize the auto scalability features Amazon has to offer where our Web and SQL servers can grow or shrink as given demand requires and of course a bullet proof backup system. Reliability and Server performance is our biggest goal here. I am open to opinions and Ideas on how to tackle this part of the project.

More info: The websites that will be going on these servers are all Wordpress. For the most part we have a handful of pre created templates we use where we modify the basic content for the client ex. Logo company info an additional page or two here and there. Basically all cookie cutter. Nothing extremely demanding.

More more info:
We are currently utilizing Virtualmin custom templates when deploying new virtual servers and it works great. We have different skels setup up to quickly build which ever site we need at the given moment plus we also have a custom script "nothing too fancy as I wrote it myself but it works well" that will edit the wp-config files and also pulls a copy of the SQL from the master template and modifies it for the new virtual server. " I was really proud of myself the day I created that and got it to work lol".

Custom Script: I need to incorporate into each virtual server creation for it to call our management system Api that in return provides it with all the needed customer info and pre populates all the custom_fields we have setup. I do already have a functional script that runs after server creation and does that but it can use some work for it to become more efficient but at least the bones are there for whoever can help.

Custom module: Something I have a rough idea but will need get help with is I need a module or some type of script that can be run by the individual virtual servers. This module would need to serve as a deploy to production tool. Where it will migrate the needed files to the new server with minimal user interaction.

The overall end game of this entire setup for the future is once everything is functional and playing nice with one another is for us to link our management system to it where we can automatically build and deploy harnessing virtualmins Api.

Quick Recap: Multi Server Network where Reliability and Performance is Key!

Dev-Server "linode"

Production Server "AWS"

Custom Script " Pre Populate custom Fields"

Custom Module " Deployment Tool"

I am searching for anyone that can help execute this project. Once again This project is open to bids. Please contact me either on here or on skype to discuss anything in further detail.

Thank you Jose Skype Id: