Deleting Virtual Servers In Virtualmin is not deleting them in Webmin file manager

I am trying to delete a list of virtual servers in Virtualmin, however, after performing the operation i go into file manager in webmin and they are still there along with sub servers.

The list of virtual servers in virtualmin says that they are gone???

To be honest i am starting to see some inconsistencies that indicate that two different people are designing this package and then it is being sewn together. What happens in one should always happen in the other (no exceptions except for the basic operating system). If its a permissions issue then this issue should be obvious before virtualmin even comes into the equation!

I am going to have to go into Ubuntu shell directly from Google Cloud Compute to fix this. Totally not happy!



Howdy -- could you try deleting a domain, and then share the output you're seeing in Virtualmin while it's deleted?

I haven't been able to reproduce that issue, but maybe the output you're seeing could help us sort out what's going on there.

From winthin ubuntu shell, after i chattr -i the files and folders, and deleted most, i was then able to go back into webmin filemanager and delete the remaining hidden files.

chattr -i fixed it essentially. That tells me there are some permissions issues that arise from within webmin/virtualmin when creating virtual servers that are not right.

What i can say, when i first installed webmin/virtualmin i used the root user.

I then changed to a sudoer for adding virtual servers and disabled the root user by resetting its password back to ubuntu original install state. To be honest i dont believe this should be a problem but perhaps it is?

Also, i note that in some script installs programs are being installed as root:root . Should this be the case? I thought that wordpress and perhaps whmcs for example should not have such ownership?

Does this mean one cannot install from scripts as an adminstrative user with sudoer server rights otherwise the script install is automatically setup with root:root ownership?

No files in a domain's home directory should have the i flag set by chattr , nor should they be owned by root ... unless something else is changing the permissions?

Hi adamjedgar,

I have tried to reproduce this in normal ways and use and the virtual servers get deleted every time, even if I have put some root owned files under home. And I think installing Virtualmin from root is how it should be done?!

I do all my work on in Virtualmin/Webmin as root, and I don't know if that makes any difference.

I have been running Virtualmin Pro on production servers ever since Early Adoption Period, about 12 years ago and have never ran in to the problem you are seeing! Virtualmin Pro has been running flawlessly all the time and is very easy to use.

Regards, Leffe