Billing systems that support Virtualmin

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#1 Thu, 05/11/2017 - 22:03
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Billing systems that support Virtualmin

Howdy all

Help me out! I'm compiling a list of billing systems that support Virtualmin.

I've collected a list of systems that have some sort of support for Virtualmin listed...but, we only have direct experience with WHMCS, so I wanted to ping the community to see if anyone has experience with any of the others, and can provide guidance on how they work (especially if you've used them with Virtualmin, but general comments about the billing system are welcome, too).

So, here's the list of systems I've confirmed have some level of support for Virtualmin:

Am I missing any?



Edited: Added ClientExec suggested by Diabolico. Edited Jul 29, 2017: Added Boxbilling.

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 12:41
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It was great until last major version when they start to collect "some" metadata from you and your clients, plus 3-4 times changing the price model in the last 2 years cant be taken seriously. They said what they are actually collecting but i dont trust them anymore, so frankly i forgot as something irrelevant for me. Sometimes support is too slow or is giving canned response, e.g. dragging the ticket much longer than needed. Still good billing software but everyone should be aware of this "details".

Was dormant for several years, one update this year. My advice stay away.

Good billing software but too expensive.

Long time occurring problems with patches and never versions. They promised some major changes, especially with security holes with v5.0 but who knows when this will happen.

Based on this LINK it support Virtualmin. Maybe you could contact them directly and have a talk. This would be my preferred billing software after last changes with WHMCS plus you can get it for less than 10$/mo from the reseller.

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