different skeleton for server

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#1 Wed, 06/07/2006 - 01:48

different skeleton for server


i want to use a slightly different skeleton to what virtualmin creates when creating a new virtual server

what i want is just to add a /conf directory to the skeleton at the same level as /logs /public_html, etc.

with an httpd.include file, and in that file is added the apache directives, rather than being added to the httpd.conf file

at the bottom of my httpd.conf file, i have this line

Include conf/httpd.vs

this httpd.vs file should include all virtual server config files

and so Include /home/domain/conf/httpd.include should be added into that httpd.vs file

is that possible? does that make sense?

the base conf file never changes, as it just includes the vs file listed below


the file below just includes all the domain specific include files


the three files below, contain specific directives for those sites

__________/home/domain1/conf/httpd.include __________/home/domain2/conf/httpd.include __________/home/domain3/conf/httpd.include