Transferring virtual servers from one VPS to another - numerous issues

I have been a writing a draft of this issue for the past 2 weeks, mostly because I'm not sure how to communicate the problem :)

I can confirm that there is definately a problem when transferring virtual servers across hosts though, I'm just not sure what the exact problem is. There are no errors in the logs so I can only communicate the symptoms I'm seeing and hope that you guys know about the issue, or someone else can reproduce it.

The details of the transfer:

host 1

Operating system: Debian Linux 8 Perl version: 5.020002 Path to Perl: /usr/bin/perl BIND version: 9.9 Apache version: 2.4.10 PHP versions: 5.6.30 MySQL version: 5.5.55-0+deb8u1

host 2

Operating system: CentOS Linux 7.3.1611 Perl version: 5.016003 Path to Perl: /usr/bin/perl BIND version: 9.9 Apache version: 2.4.6 PHP versions: 7.0.18 MySQL version: 5.5.52-MariaDB


Following the server transfer, and the nameserver update, everything appears to work 100%. In my case, all my virtual servers are running WordPress. Once the nameserver change is effective I can do (almost) everything in WordPress on host 2 that I could do on the original server without a problem.

However there a few issues. These are the high-level descriptions of the things that do not work correctly.

  1. Preview website. I think the transfer might be the cause of an issue I had logged previously (

  2. I cannot remotely manage (via MainWP) any WordPress site that has been transferred, while I can manage servers that are created directly on host 1 or host 2. No logs are created for the many different MainWP errors I get. Most errors are about HTTP body format etc. If helpful, I can send screenshots.

  3. Part of the transfer process is to automatically create a server alias so that the server can be previewed before propagation. This happens whether creating a virtual server normally or via transfer. The format of the alias domain (eg is: The issue I'm seeing is that I cannot access that alias domain at all on transferred servers, but I can access them with servers created on the host directly.


When I transfer servers, all settings of servers on host 1 are left as is, including Let's Encrypt SSL and Wordpress etc. when creating a virtual server on host 1 or 2 I can do everything perfectly, preview website works whether or not I have SSL redirects, and I can access the alias as would be expected.

During troubleshooting, I have tried the following:

After the virtual server on host 1 is transferred to host 2, I removed all scripts and SSL and then reinstalled. No change, which tells me this is an issue with the transferred virtual server itself.

I also tried to create a new virtual server on host 1 (nothing installed, just a clean virtual server) and then I transfer it to host 2, install WordPress and SSL - all the same issues occur. Confirms that this is a virtual server transfer issue, or differences in server templates, software versions causing issues.

Please advise what additional information I can send to troubleshoot this further?



Howdy -- what you may want to do, is take a peek at the logs in /var/log/virtualmin, and see if you can determine if maybe a different site is receiving the requests for these particular domains.

It's possible that the wrong VirtualHost is receiving the requests, which could make it look like there aren't any logs... whereas maybe there are some logs, but just in an unexpected location :-)

What you can do is look for any access_log in /var/log/virtualmin that has a recent modified time... take a look at it, and see if the request is coming from your IP address.

If that turns out to be the issue, then we can look into it to determine why the wrong VirtualHost is getting your requests.


There are logs, just no errors in the logs about the issues I'm seeing.

For example, there are no error logs for apache, but there are access logs for the newly transferred virtual server for normal traffic to the domain.

Okay, noted! I think then that seeing an example of some of the WordPress errors you are seeing would be helpful.