Webmin doesnt appear to be able to restart google cloud platform instance

Hi guys, has anyone tested to see if webmin functions properly on google cloud instances? I am not able to get it to restart instances. Does this only work on a dedicated system?

Update... I have tried to see from my google cloud logs if this function is logging but its not. I manually reset the instance using google cloud and have posted the log files info below. Perhaps it may be of help for you guys in seeing what the google process for resetting an instance is?

{ insertId: "myinstance id"
jsonPayload: { event_timestamp_us: "1493889230974674"
actor: { user: "@gmail.com"
} resource: { type: "instance"
zone: "asia-east1-a"
id: "instance id"
name: "goanna1"
} event_type: "GCE_OPERATION_DONE"
trace_id: "operation-1493889229627-54eaf30dd9e79-5a6bb2da-5cc9d982"
operation: { type: "operation"
zone: "asia-east1-a"
id: "instance id"
name: "operation-1493889229627-54eaf30dd9e79-5a6bb2da-5cc9d982"
} event_subtype: "compute.instances.reset"
version: "1.2"
} resource: { type: "gce_instance"
labels: { instance_id: "myinstanceid"
zone: "asia-east1-a"
project_id: "my-project"
} } timestamp: "2017-05-04T09:13:50.974674Z"
severity: "INFO"
labels: { compute.googleapis.com/resource_zone: "asia-east1-a"
compute.googleapis.com/resource_name: "goanna1"
compute.googleapis.com/resource_id: "myresourceid"
compute.googleapis.com/resource_type: "instance"
} logName: "projects/aje-websites/logs/compute.googleapis.com%2Factivity_log"



Howdy -- what happens when attempting to restart such an instance, do you receive an error of some sort? Or does it just not restart?

Also, are you able to restart your instance using the command line? If so, what command works for you via the command line?

Also, which Linux distribution is the GCP instance running?

As far as Webmin is concerned, it should behave and be treated almost exactly like a regular physical machine.

please see an update on my original post.

I am using ubuntu 16.04. The instance on Google Cloud is a micro with 1 vcpu and .6GB memory.

It should be possible to reboot any system, we'd just need to know what the proper command line for it is.

Do you happen to know how to reboot this system using the command line?

Jamie may have some additional thoughts, as he has more experience with Google Cloud than I do... but the key is to determine how to reboot it using a command on the command line.

GCS has a web console that you can use to reboot VMs.

Hi guys, yes GCP does, however, if i am using webmin to control it, shouldnt webmin be able to also restart the instance? I am no programmer, however, i get the feeling that part of the problem may also be in the delay in instance accessibility whilst rebooting...ie webmin loses connection with the virtual instance because its restarting?

there are google cloud api functions for this operation using another program (such as a control panel i assume)...obviously i dont understand enough to be able to check it from a programmers point of view.

If you SSH into the VM and run reboot does that work? Because that's the command Webmin runs..

do you mean if i ssh and reboot from my google cloud console or the webmin one? I have enterred reboot into webmin...the trouble is, the webmin interface doesnt give any indication of what webmin or my google cloud instance is doing?

I guess i was expecting that i would see some kind of indicator in webmin that the server was rebooting...or had rebooted?

What i have noticed with GCP, whenever i reboot even from its own interface, there is quite a delay after it says it has restarted before my web browser can interract with that instance.

Perhaps this delay in the restart process and interface interractivity with said instance is also the root of the problem with virtualmin? (not saying its a virtualmin problem...just a quirk with GC that might need rethinking in terms of programming?)

What I meant was, if you ssh into the GCP instance and run the reboot command, does it get rebooted?

through the default ssh tunnel it works yes.

I could setup another ssh tunnel using putty, however, is that going to make any difference?